My Wise Body was created out of our deep belief that healing starts from within and that we are the corner stone of our own healing. Doctors and healers of all kinds may help us along the way but ultimately it's up to us to listen to our bodies and work towards the goal of optimal health and well being.

This site is devoted to health, balance and living well and our products reflect that, however the heart of this site is dedicated to products and resources to support people in their fight against cancer.

Through My Wise Body we have made it easier for you by listing as many of the resources you may need in a one-stop shop to navigate the road through cancer.
We bring together the best interviews, health products, natural skincare, best-selling books and meditation support to make life easier at this challenging time for both you and your family.
Heal your body and also heal the planet. We plant a native tree on the Huriawa Peninsula at Karitane, New Zealand for every 25 orders placed to offset the carbon from our overseas shipping.
We hope you find what you are looking for here and that we can make a difference to your life.
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A diagnosis of cancer is always a life changer and it was the start of a whole new chapter of my life. Little did I know that in 2003 I would be diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called inflammatory breast cancer.
Going from appointment to appointment was extremely overwhelming and sent me into a tailspin until I discovered Ian Gawler’s book, “You Can Conquer Cancer”. When I opened the book and read the first few pages my eyes were opened to the fact that I could take control of getting well, that I am the main component of my healing process.

I devoured that book and many others, which enabled me to approach fighting cancer in a whole new way. The knowledge that I gained from these books and websites I translated into my daily life. I realised that in order for me to beat cancer everything had to change.

I delved deep in those first days and what I slowly realised was that I had been very stressed and overworked for many years – your typical A type personality. From here I realised that the way I worked had to change dramatically but that would be in the future. Right now, my main focus was to heal my mind and my body.

I realised the importance of conventional medicine and was grateful for all the wisdom and advice from my specialists. However, I knew the best way to get through all the treatments was to combine complimentary therapies with my medical regime.

Meditation and visualization became the key for me. They helped me tolerate chemotherapy, surgery, and my fear of needles by keeping me calm and focused on the desired outcome. Even in my darkest moments (and there were many) I would push myself to get up and meditate. I felt a renewed sense of myself and that my body was wise and it could heal itself.

I also combined this with stringent supplement regime, which I researched myself but checked with my naturopath. I created my own nutrition programme based on the knowledge I had gathered from the many books I had read. I had daily fresh juices and tried to eat as raw a diet as possible.

I was never sick with chemotherapy, my surgery was extremely successful with a quick healing time and I had no radiotherapy burns. This I attribute to my daily regime of meditation, visualisation, nutrition and supplements.

After being told I may never conceive due to the chemotherapy, I am now a proud and happy mother to a fabulous five year old and I live a happy, healthy and active life.
Being a cancer survivor, for me, reminds me daily to give thanks for waking up healthy, for all I have …… to live life.

This site is dedicated to my partner, you are my rock, my son, you are my light, my incredibly amazing parents and my seven wonderful siblings. It is because of your love, unfailing support and faith in me that I am here today. Love you all.

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Having been with my cousin Yasmin as she courageously confronted and healed her cancer I saw what gave her empowerment and strength along the way. We both decided it would be fantastic to give others the chance to benefit from all she learned and through this intention, the concept for My Wise Body was born. On the site we bring together the information, products and support that were a winning combination for Yasmin on her journey, and we hope they will help you in the same way.

I too have been on my own quest for emotional and physical wellness throughout my life. I have found that for the past 17 years, meditation has been a daily practice and a solid anchor, keeping me focused and grounded in times of great stress and also great joy. Through meditation I have learned the necessity of putting myself in the picture, of checking in with myself daily and of listening to my body, and my emotions on a deeper level. This, for me, has become the basis for staying healthy and balanced.

Last year my beloved Mum, who doubled as my best friend, was diagnosed with a rare form of ovarian cancer. We meditated and prayed together as much as we could, and I saw again how these practices were the cornerstone of our healing journey together.

Through Pamela's faith and her deep spirituality she transformed in front of our eyes. She became more radiant, peaceful and light with every day that passed. She received chemotherapy, which worked for a while to keep the cancer under control, but after five months became ineffective and myself my beloved dad, four siblings and our families gathered around her as she transitioned from this life to the next.

The courage, love, strength and peace she brought to her final weeks were inspirational to witness and although her physical body was not able to overcome the cancer, her spirit most certainly did.

I understood through the grace of her death, that meditation and spirituality are the bridge that carry us over from this world to the next and that there are many ways of healing. Just because Mum’s physical body didn’t heal it does not mean that she had not overcome the cancer. She just beat it in a different way.

This site is dedicated to my mum Pamela and to all she has taught, and continues to teach us every day.

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Mark is our webmaster and marketing guy. He is a graduate of Otago University, and has been in media & communications his entire working life, mostly at interactive ad agencies and TV networks. He loves systems, and he has set up a program that allows us to get you top quality goods in lightning quick delivery times. Mark loves nature, media, ideas and change.

Having seen his mother Prue fight cancer and win on four separate occasions he has a healthy respect for healing and what the body can do to find its balance after illness.

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